Ecofriendly Wedding: the Groom eco-suits

More and more couples are choosing to celebrate their marriage with zero impact, taking care of every detail in order to respect the environment and is environmentally friendly. These are the so-called "ecological Weddings", marked on recycling, of what nature has to offer and how you can properly celebrate your own wedding without polluting the environment.

You can be eco-friendly in every aspect or detail of the wedding, but in this post the focus will be on how the groom suits can be part of this category of weddings. Clearly, the only handhold that man has to be an "ecological groom" is to wear a suit composed of natural fibers.
Natural fibers account for 40% in the world of the textile market; the rest, a good 60%, is represented by man-made fibers. There are fibers plus or minus appropriate for the wedding, but the natural ones used for sewing suits for groom they tend to be usually very light, fresh and comfortable.

There are four natural fibers used by this sector, two of vegetable origin (cotton and linen) and 2 of animal origin (wool and silk). Being light fibers, are eminently suited for spring or summer weddings, and almost all are beyond even from classical ideal of church wedding with a too fitted celebration.

This kind of so light suits, sometimes very whimsical, sometimes extremely elegant, are as suitable for
alternativeweddings. In fact, men's suits in these fibers are used for beach weddings, weddings in the country (country-chic) and weddings in the garden (boho-chic). These “natural” locations are perfect for weddings environmentally friendly, and they represent some unique and unrepeatable scenarios for the most important day, the day of the "Yes".

Why buy a suit woven with natural fibers? It is undoubtedly a good idea to preserve the authenticity of our earth but, in addition, suits are more cool and comfortable with whom feel comfortable on a hot July afternoon. They are fibers that come from renewable sources and which, in contact with skin, give a good feeling. Last, but not least, is the advantage given by the fact that they are biodegradable fabrics.

The most widespread fiber is cotton, which largely comes from China, United States and Africa, and is the main source of livelihood for some regions of the world. Cotton suits from the Fashion Color collection of Ottavio Nuccio Gala are a riot of color and vibrancy, one of a kind and suitable for men with a strong personality.

The suits of this collection are suitable for the previously mentioned weddings, because they are so unique in their colors that cannot be worn if not outdoors, under the sunlight. The bride, in this case, will wear a jaunty dress, short or maybe with brightly colored details.

Immediately after the cotton, wool is the most widely used textile fiber, and that men is trying to protect with the development of productive chains in the native herds, because otherwise the fiber end up in landfills. From the wool you could get many varieties of fabric, but as for men's wedding suits we can account cool wool.

This type of fabric is made with pure wool, and can have different levels of fineness (indicated with the abbreviation super 's) according to the number present in the abbreviation immediately after the word "super": the higher the number is, the greater is the finesse. Suits made by Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, in cool wool are mostly included in the Gentleman collection: extremely elegant and classic morning suits that will transform any groom in a perfect prince charming.

The groom in morning suit always has a certain charm, perhaps because of the particularity of the long jacket paired with cylinder and stick. British garden weddings are famous all over the world, and on those occasions the groom wears a morning suit, as well as witnesses and fathers of the bride and groom. In this case, the bride will wear a classic gown with lace detailing, long train and not too bulky.

From the classicality of the morning suit you can go to the play of matt/gloss colors of silk shantung. Shantung is a wild, rough, uneven and rough-looking silk fabric, even though it is actually highly prized. Suits in shantung are usually in vibrant colors, just to pry on matt/glossy plays previously mentioned.

Suits in this fabric may be purchased from the Fashion collection of Ottavio Nuccio Gala: a collection that meets the current trends, designed for young married couples who do not renounce to be trendy even in the most important day of their lives. Together with the bride they form a youthful and fashionable couple, with details in dark colors and a strong personality.

Last, but not least, is the linen; linen fiber is composed of 70% by cellulose and is obtained from the inner bark of the linden. Even in this case, the classification is given according to the fineness of the fabric: fine line for precious canvases and major linen for ordinary canvases. The most famous feature of the linen is its stiffness, and hence the crumpled effect of clothes.

Also in this case it is possible to direct the attention towards the Fashion Color collection of Ottavio Nuccio Gala. As in the previous case, linen suits of this brand are colorful, lightweight, comfortable and are suitable for alternative weddings such as those in question.

If the groom is wearing a linen suit, the bride cannot but wear a gown light as well, fresh and with floral accessories to give a vintage touch to the overall presentation.

The eco-friendly weddings are a new trend not to lose sight of, a beautiful idea that respects our environment and does not produce any kind of waste. 4 natural fibers for 4 different styles of wedding: MarioMoreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, meets all the grooms' needs.